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Cory Chafin
Big Fish of the 2016
6 lbs 11oz
Next Tournament
OCTOBER 29, 30

                                1st                                       2nd                                3rd
Josh Spears                        Tom Kouns                        Jaimey Hager


Fellowship of Christian Bass Anglers
Definition of Fellowship is when a group of men or woman claims to enjoy a common theme (JESUS) and
share success and defeat like a champion.
Christianity is laying down the old man and rising a new creature in Christ and living to win souls to Christ.
We as a club can see the power of how God has and will continue to lead this club, and how he has
changed each of us as we journey along and trust in him.
A true Champion is one who wins gracefully and when things go wrong continues to press on with Christ.
Never in our days as KYFOCBA have my emotions been so scrambled.
As the final tournament started off it really came down to Mike and Boo and I really felt like I had the best
seat on the lake. Love them both and knew either way that this would be close.
Fast forward to the end of the tournament all fish was weighed and Mike had never made it to the marina
we started trying to contact him by phone with no luck. A boat was going to be relaunched to go and check
on him at this point we knew something had to be wrong. Before actually getting a boat launched we see
Mike idling into the Marina. A Couple of weeks of bad misfortunes would continue to show its head. As
Mike was traveling back from a previous tournament he ran over a spray paint can and it exploded all over
his truck and boat. So being without his truck and boat he had borrowed a truck and his old boat from new
owner to compete in this tournament. Along with forgetting his watch and his Cell phone dying he had to
rely on his GPSS unit to tell time. What Mike was not aware of was the time on his unit was an hour off.
Hats off to our club for sticking around to make sure he was in no harm on the water and then for showing
their love and support as he released his day catch back into the water.
In the top of this article I described a Christian and a Champion and in my book and many others Mike
May is a Christian and a Champion.
What a season for both Mike May and Boo Hager and congratulations to them both.
The next morning Sunday October 9th Brother Roger Williamson preached on lessons learned about Being
on Time with God no doubt inspired by Mikes misfortune. And several people fell on their knees at the
alter renewing their vowels with God. So to Say we sometimes have to go through misfortunes for others
sake is relevant in this situation and I know Mike or Boo would relinquish a days catch to renew souls.
How can folks ignore the power of God?


2016 AOY
Boo Hager
Mike May